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May 6, 2013

Bubbles at a party, May 6 2013, The Netherlands

Bubbles at a party

Bubbles at a party in the south of the Netherlands!

April 18, 2013

Portuguese Bubbles

Holidays in Portugal! Sun, family and fun!

September 15, 2012

Brandenburger Tor

Brandenburger Tor

Jac Naber writes: night in Berlin at the Brandenburger Tor, blowing bubbles

May 30, 2012

Late Springbubbles



Jac Naber writes: my godchild and godgrandchild also blown bubbles!

May 6, 2012

Bubbles like Zeppelins.

Jac Naber made pictures in which the soap bubbles appear as objects. Floating and silent as if they were Zeppelins.