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November 20, 2016

Medieval Bubble


Medieval. How interesting this is! Thanks Iris for the tweet!

November 20, 2016

Mail art

Carton Fondes

Incoming Mail Art by Carton Fondes, Italy

May 10, 2016

Museum Bubbles

International Blowing Bubbles Day, Mauritshuis

Museum Mauritshuis in The Hage tweeted this painting in  favor of the International Blowing Bubbles Day. Homo Bulla Est as it was the subject in the 17th century

May 4, 2016

Art send in for the exhibition

International Blowing Bubbles DayLarisa van der Grinten Bons did send her “Amerika”to us. we will be exhibit it at the exposition in Lent

January 23, 2016

Hugging Bubbles

National Hug Day

Two Hugging Bubbles on last National Hug Day January the 21 st.

November 4, 2015

All Saints’ & All Souls’

International Blowing Bubbles Day

Took some time today to combine All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day at a monument near Zeist. Ended up assisting a photographer working with models and costumes. Great exchange of inspiration!

October 11, 2015

Waiting for International Blowing Bubbles Day

International Blowing Bubbles DayMonsieur Aleon’s Funky Stuff presents Gypsea writes on Facebook: “Looks like a bubble to me, International Blowing Bubbles Day, counting down the days…….

We too, we too…

May 15, 2015

Malaysia, May 6

Giant Bubbles Madness, International Blowing Bubbles Day
Giant Bubbles Madness celebrated May 6with this artful photograph.

May 7, 2015

Remembrance Bubbles, May 6

International Blowing Bubbles Day Mother and her child held a little ceremony for their grandfather. The child called out “Greetings for grandfather Jan!”.
Their emotion couldn’t be better pictured than in this photograph.

May 7, 2015

Ending of de Day Ceremony in Ubbergen

After a great end impressive concert by Ingrid van Ree and poetry declamation by Peter Freijsen and the “flash-exhibition” we gathered with bubbles outside.
Most inspirational company and visitors makes me feel humble and modest.What a great day it has been again!