May 6 2014

Rome, International Blowing Bubbles Day


Again the International Blowing Bubbles Day took place. I do hope You all had a good time and moments like we had in Venray.

The ending of the day ceremony on May 6 this Year was held in “de Engelse Tuin” (The English Garden) in Venray in the Netherlands with the contribution of the band Stichting M.M.S.K. St. Petrus’ Banden,  the poetess Ans van Kessel,  and of course lots of bubbles sponsored by Dulcop from Italy!
The mail art exhibition “Temporality” was held during the ceremony in the Englisch Garden and from Friday May 9th, up to an extra day on May 12 in art galery Satijnvogel in Nijmegen with a first glimps of what happend on May 6 all around the globe.
DulcopCeremony Sponsor of 2014

Everyone could join in, on ones balcony, boat, and garden, in the woods or in the street… Together with others or on your own. Hope you felt welcome, unbound and light. Keep yourself up-to-date by checking the blog and subscribe!
I also started a Facebook page for making it easier to share pictures and messages.The blog will remain the central point and we shall post everything there just like always.

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