May 6 2012

Hi Everyone,

May 6 has passed and we all were witness! Devoted to freedom, remembering, to strengthen a desire, but mainly have fun. Elevating blowing bubbles into art.
The facebookpage and this website are frequently visited and several activities took place , small ones and bigger but all very welcome and filled with beautiful thoughts.

This year the opening of the day, and the day ending were held on Rhode Island by Peacelove Studios and the exhibition of the mail art is in the Art of the Heart Gallery in Monrovia, Liberia. This is the Gallery of the famous artist A. Leslie Lumeh.
Burbuliatoriukas@SouthLondon was organising in Hyde Park near the Albert Memorial in the heart of London from 13:00 onwards
Sanne Haannraads of Free Your Mind had been organising between 15:00 and 16:00 in the city park at the Polderweg in Den Helder, the Netherlands. And many more ….

We will keep updated this blog.

Great day it was!

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