May 6 2011

The International Blowing Bubbles Day 2011, now one year ago!
It is thrilling to have found enthousiasm for and believings in the project in so much different ways and by so many people. Word spreading and organizing. It is wonderfull to experience that a simple idea is growing to an event that makes bounds and friends. Art as an experience, art in a under going way. Thank you all for that! One can take a glimpse of it in the presentations on the blog, but this is only a presentation of the mail art and of the photographs that have been send  from now on and in the run-up to may 6.

In 2011 there have been blown bubbles at every continent around the world and the (not complete list) is as follows:
Barony of Caux
Principality of Hutt River,
Railway station of Eindhoven in the Netherlands 7-8 AM,
Sierra Leone,
Academy of Fine Arts Arendonk, Belgium 9 -10AM,
Liberia Visual Arts Academy,Monrovia, Liberiam 1-4:15 PM
PeaceLove Studios on Rhode Island), USA
San Lorenzo Park, in Santa Cruz CA, USA 1-3 PM organised by The Bubble Fairy
South Africa,
and so on and so on
Participants in 2011 were to be found, in newsletters, on their own blogs ( like the ED online Newspaper:  and websites (Principality of Hutt River), by twitter (@dolgelukkig, @steentrain) and on Facebook (the Barony of Caux, The Bubble Fairy, Saskia Cohen, Emelie Jegerings).

In the blogpart of this website there were 25 posts about what happend on may 6 2011 and overall 148 posts (including mailart) from people all over the world practicing for this day of magic, remembrance, beliefs and fun.
The exhibition on May 7 and 8 2011 contained mailart, reactions, pictures and paintings and what happened on may 6 .

If you should not have sent in your  activity on may 6 yet, please do so by sending me a note at  or post it on the facebookpage and I do hope you feel free to contact me for further information.

Do visite the homepage to watch the activity’s towards and on may 6 2011  and 2012.

The opening of the day, and the day ending will both be held on Rhode Island by Peacelove Studios and the exhibition of the mailart will be in the Art of the Heart Gallery in Monrovia, Liberia. This is the Gallery of the famous artist A. Leslie Lumeh.

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