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May 8, 2011

May 6 2011 The World in Bubbles

worldmap May 6 2011
Here is the, already outdated, worldmap of the places and countries where people have been blowing bubbles (as far as I know of) on International Blowing Bubbles Day.

April 17, 2011


Worldmap 3
Update with the list of countries placed on the worldmap.
Chili, Iceland, USA, Greece, Belgium, the Netherlands  Gambia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Kenya,Nepal, Principality of Hutt River, Barony of Caux, Liberia, Canada, the Kingdom of Thailand, Australia

March 12, 2011

World Wide Map 2

worldmap 2
In this 2cnd map there are already some updates processed, more to come!

March 11, 2011

World Wide Map 1

worldmap 1
see where there is going to be blown bubbles.

February 11, 2011

Soap Bubble Blowers of the world:

Today I started the first blog of the International Blowing Bubbles Day.
The whole thing started in December last year (2010) when the first pictures were taken in the snow. I remembered Puk mentioning a Blowing Bubbles festival one or two years ago and I wondered how wonderful it could be when the whole world at the same time could be enjoying and sharing the wonderful magic, beauty and fun of soap bubbles floating in the air? What kind of feeling is then experienced?
People blow bubbles for remembrance, for fun or to experiment with water, soap and sizes. It is cheap, ageless and easy to do.