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March 2, 2018

Singapore May 6 2017

International Bubbles Day 2017 celebrations in Singapore by Magician Ran Superman.
Been quite a party also this year. I think Singapore has been almost every year a member of our Bubbling Family! We even had a Daystart once there!


May 5, 2016

The World in a Bubble

Promotional Video for International Blowing Bubbles Day from Flip Looyen on Vimeo.

The promotion our friends made all over the world during the Year.
From Singapore to Brussels, from the Caribbean to New Zealand, from Nepal to Ibiza and from Greece to Australia.
They were at monuments, in nature and at sunsets. They participeted at commemorations and at celebrations.
Thank you all so much! It makes me feel proud to have such wonderful and inspiring friends! Love you!

May 6, 2015

Singaporean Bubble Greeting

International Blowing Bubbles Day

Richard Bons send his bubble greetings from Singapore. Greest picture!

May 6, 2015

May 6 International Blowing Bubbles Day has started!

Three artist opening the day in Singapore photgrapher Stephanie Oebeles-Kilian, Aileen Mitchell and Larisa van der Grinten Bons. Great!

July 6, 2013

Singapore, May 6 2013

As I found on the internet the United World College (UWCSEA) writes:
“For us, we wanted the bubbles to be blown for friendship, family, community, joy and care. Each neighbourhood brought about joy and care in their own way. One had a biggest bubble competition while another stuck numbers below the bottles of bubble solution and conducted a lucky draw at the end of the day. International Blowing Bubbles Day was our gift to the community with no strings attached. It was simply a way of sharing a little joy and care”.
“In one neighbourhood, volunteers from the Nanyang Technological University created and donned sandwich boards to publicise the event. They walked around the neighbourhood and soon it was not just children who came by but several grandmothers who wanted the bubble solution for their grandchildren. Also, a group of youths put aside the guitars they were strumming to join in the fun
At another neighbourhood, publicity flyers were distributed and the teachers from a child development centre brought out all their children to join the event. Parents who came by to pick up their children were directed to the event and they too joyfully had a go at blowing bubbles. Yet at another neighbourhood, youths thought that it was a wonderful ice-breaker. With a bottle of bubble solution they reached out to children and neighbours that they had never spoken to before. As such there were fewer strangers among neighbours and neighbours experienced community”.