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May 6, 2011

May 6 2011, Freetown, Sierra Leone

Blowing bubbles in Sierra Leone was really great! Thank you for this experience.

Alpha and I went are around 1 pm to the district Kroo Bay in Freetown and the district where Alpha lives. We had arranged with a teacher that the children were able to get some time from his teaching to use for blowing bubbles.

We had musical instruments for our project picked up and taken to the location where we were going to blow bubbles. Children and young people have played on the instruments and with the stuff we took to blow bubbles with. Alpha first told them about International Blowing Bubbles Day, when everyone had their own bubblemaker created. They do this by a thin rod. They make a loop and rotate the tip to the stick. Then they have the bubbles.

Afterwards we all went outside and they got a bowl containing some water and soap. More and more children, and eventually there were about 150 to 200. They were all really having fun and even when we were finished they didnt want to stop with blowing bubbles.

I’ll send you a lot of pictures because I’m not sure which one to choose. I hope you find between a few nice sit down and use. It was really great! I’m curious how you and others to perish.

Warm greetings from Sierra Leone.

Alpha and Sanne