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August 22, 2012

Sabun Gelembung

Danaë ten Hoedt writes:
“What a fun idea, this international blowing bubbles day! I did not manage to let some people blow bubbles on May 6, but:

I’ve been on a trip around the world and had taken a little can of bubble fluid  with me.
First I stayd in Indonesia with the grandmother (Maggy) of my girlfriend in Cijulang. There are hardly any tourists. In that first week I met a little girl of four years. She was the daughter a assistant of  grandmother Maggy, who had brought her here, since nobody else could take care of her. Grandma Maggy told me that they recently had lost her little brother who had died by a disease.

Then I remembered that I had bubble-fluid  in my backpack. I taught her to blow bubbles and she was very happy.
So I had given it to her”.