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March 3, 2011

Art studio of “Tabula Rasa” te Herentals, Belgium

February 22, 2011

Bubbles from Herentals, Belgium

Bubbels from Herntals, Belgium
In the woods stands a high wooden tower made of tropical wood. The vertical bars are in one piece.
During the summer you can climb to the top of  the “tourist tower”  and there you can get a panoramic view.
The tower is high above the trees, and in clear weather you can even see the church tower of Antwerp, though just about 35 km away.
It is the highest point of the Kempen.
Below the tower are the pape cellars. There’s a legend attached to it. It’s about Fathers who listened to the devil and were having conspiracies in the basements.
The tower is well known in the Kempen, so I thought it was a nice location.
I had a lot to do to catch the bubbles on the photograph. Fortunately there were walkers who helped me.

Keeping an eye on the dog, blow bubbles, take pictures while the wind from all sides seems to come …

Marjan Van Ingelghem