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May 5, 2016

The World in a Bubble

Promotional Video for International Blowing Bubbles Day from Flip Looyen on Vimeo.

The promotion our friends made all over the world during the Year.
From Singapore to Brussels, from the Caribbean to New Zealand, from Nepal to Ibiza and from Greece to Australia.
They were at monuments, in nature and at sunsets. They participeted at commemorations and at celebrations.
Thank you all so much! It makes me feel proud to have such wonderful and inspiring friends! Love you!

April 20, 2015

Video Art with Bubbles

 International Blowing Bubbles Day


 Video still from the video art Trixi Zinzi Mc Carthy-Gilbert placed on the Facebook site of the International Blowing Bubbles Day.


May 25, 2011

May 6 2011, Principality of Hutt River, Australian continent

Greetings Sir,
I was charged with organising and promoting the event here in the Principality.
We promoted the Bubble Day via our website and to some journalists during varied interviews with the media that I am aware of.

Some children blew bubbles to the interest of tourists whilst some of us watched on the morning alongside the Secession Monument and outside  of the main reception office as it was a beautiful clear sky and sunny day. I believe a childcare centre in the nearby town of Northampton was also going to be joining in blowing bubbles with the kids there on May 06 but I have not had it confirmed that it was done, only that it was planned.

No photo’s were taken of our small event that I am aware, it was not thought of as it was an action for those who wished to participate and we have a policy of not publishing children’s photo’s so there was no thought to it, We were not seeking publicity for ourselves but rather enjoyed taking part in what was simply “A nice thought/dream”.
Thankyou for the invitation to be a part of the event and please let us know should it happen again.
Sir Steve
Sir Steven G.P. Baikie KGCRO., ADC, DSF., Dip.Eng. (Electronics) Aide de Camp to HRH Prince Leonard. Acting Minister of Electronic Communications Inspector General, Diplomatic Security Force Principality of Hutt River