Patricia’s Story


Joseph writes:
My Godchild died Friday morning. Patricia a young lady affected with Down’s syndrome, 39 years young.
This evening was the vigil and the burial will be tomorrow.
Since it was attended by many nieces and nephews , the pastor told a personal story about the loss of her own grandfather.
As a child she was greatly distressed by the loss of her grandfather and he was terribly missed by her. She still wanted to tell him so much. She wrote various letters to him and placed them together with objects that belonged to her grandfather or that reminded her of her grandfather. Her mother found the notes and asked her about it. She was writing these notes hoping that they would ever get to heaven so grandpa could read them there. Only, mail was not delivered in heaven and neither are phone messages.
Her mother suggested her to blow bubbles and to send along with each bubble a message. If the bubble spattered, it would have reached heaven.

After the story was told, she served out some bubble tubes  and there were blown bubbles with heart’s content by many.

Hereby is a bit of a defocused photograph of the bubble-blowing pastor, who also stole my heart with her ​​story.


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