May 6 2011, Santa Cruz, USA

Lenie the Bubble Fairy writes:

HI Flip,
We had a grand time. Took mom to lunch, then off to San Lorenzo park.  The homeless people hand out there, so when we showed up, they asked us, “Are you doing bubbles today?” They saw us doing it about a month ago, so they got all excited about it.
I had two other local bubble artists show up. Brian Lawrence, and Tom Noddy. Brian brought his giant garland wand that makes lots and lots and lots of large size bubbles. Plus some of out Facebook and just Santa Cruz friends came by too.  I took some video, I just have to take the time to do some editing.  It’s mostly bubbles.
At San Lorenzo Park, there is a bridge that goes from downtown Santa Cruz over the river and into San Lorenzo Park. It’s about 40 or 50 feet down to the grass area below. We were doing them off the bridge and  and the bubbles were just falling down and floating all over! As people were walking by they would stop and take pictures. We were wishing people happy blowing bubbles day! Make bubbles to war! They loved it.
Mom and my brother sitting on the bench just watching it all. They liked it a lot!! 
Thank you so much for starting this. I had thought about it in passing so I’m glad you did something about it! We are talking about actually growing it into an event where we will need a permit. The park lends it’s self to festivals well. There is even a stage that is surrounded by water on three sides, they call it duck island stage, were a band could play. I would like to see it become something fun for people to look forward to year after year. Santa Cruz is such an artistic/Eco-friendly/playful town that I think they would embrace it!
Blessings & Bubbles!


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