“Giant” Bubblesplay

Playing with “giant” bubbles in order to experience the effect of big, bigger, biggest in the small, smaller, smallest way


4 Comments to ““Giant” Bubblesplay”

  1. Great idea but why not organize a gathering so lots of people will all make bubbles together in one place?

    • it is the idea that at all kind of places people will blow soap bubbles, could be in gatherings but allso on there own. As I know for now, there will be groups of people over the world that are going to parcipate. They organise it for a group. Others will do this with closeby’s or together with colleagues, fellow students and so on. The intention is that partipants will feel gathered and connected. To share the experience of (for instance) beauty and being part of bigger whole.

  2. Can I ask were you found that information and who came up with the idea of an International blowing bubbles day?

    See my 3D pictures of giant bubbles at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fvdk3d

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